Coorg (also known as Kodagu) is a place said to haunt you forever with its timeless beauty. It is popularly dubbed as “Southern Kashmir” and “Scotland of India”.
The name "Kodagu" is derived from the local name “Kodavu” and the people of Kodagu, who are known as Kodavas. However, there are many stories explaining the origin of the name. According to the Puranas for instance, the land of initial settlement was called “Krodadesha” which later became “Kodagu”.

"Coorg Karishma" is located 20 kms away from Mercara (Madikeri) click to see Coorg Karishma location map. It is nestled in a Coorg coffee estate away from the maddening crowd and in the middle of greenery, with trees swaying, birds chirping and the soothing tranquility touching your heart.

The hosts, the Palanganda Medappa family, are very warm and cordial people with interests in hospitality and nature. While the wife (Mrs. Smitha Medappa) looks after the house and garden the husband (Mr. Medappa) is an avid naturalist and has great enthusiasm for crafting drift-wood sculptures Click here to see Drift-wood Sculptures, besides being a typical Coorg farmer. He grows, coffee, pepper, cardamom, areca nut, paddy and bananas in his estate.


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